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In a society where women is unsafe at every step she takes, wherever she goes, there’s nothing she can rely upon when it comes to her safety, so by far women have always been strong and got through alot, so here when it comes to safety, she could be utterly capable of saving herself from the violence, this can be done only when she is taught how to protect herself, so, yes self defence should be made compulsory for all women/girls around the world, to be able to save herself would be the one confidence that a woman and her family would have when she’ll step out of the house.
In the era of increasing of rape cases and harassment cases daily, women being able to protect themselves through self-defence will not only help her in saving herself from a lot of miseries but also will create a fear in the minds of the people to treat women nicely or else she knows the ways to break their bones when it comes to safety. Self-defence is one thing that can help women live a fearfree life from the monsters prevailing outside or inside their houses.