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Female foeticide is a process of terminating female foetuses in womb just because of the selfish greed of male child, with no second thoughts, indian society has lost all the respect in my eyes when it comes to respecting women and treating them as humans.
Disrespecting women, not letting them choose careers, blaming them for the violence they face, maybe is not enough for these people who’ve found another way to torcher women, killing the child in mother’s womb itself just because it’s a girl, this is how a mere unborn child is treated in our country.
Studies show that around 4.6 crore girl child have been foeticide just because of preference of a son.
This is a sin to the country, no country can truly develop it doesn’t respect it’s women, why do people often forget that it the women because of whom, they’re able to see, hear, feel, because it was a woman who gave birth to them facing miserable pain that no one other than a mother could even imagine, that pain was enough for her to survive, the pain of other miseries is not what she deserves, She is the creator of the world, she doesn’t deserves to be killed before being born.