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“Free” and “ Women” it seems like to opposite are spoken together.

Do you really think , India is a free?

And specially Indian women’s are free ?

It seems like a joke . A country where without permission women are not even allowed to go out , you called such country free . In India women are not allowed to think or speak , she is always supposed to act like a puppet only. Woman has to face discrimination in every second turn of her life , whether it be her home , school , society , workplace or anything else . It’s been 73 years of Indian Independence , but I don’t know when will India got actual independence – actual freedom . Independence is not only for the certain people of country, why women are not included in that . When a woman think of going somewhere first question she has to answer is :- Where are you going ? When will you come ? With whom you’re going ? Do you’re male friends are going along with you ? oh really ! so you are not allowed to go , Why are you wearing this dress ? this is so short ! it’s too deep , What will people say just think about them , how could you do this ! answer me ? these are the few questions which a woman has to answer every time. A house wife always need to ask her husband before spending money somewhere or purchasing something ..I don’t know but why can’t she buy anything without permission . In India in many places women can’t even have her meal without her husband permission . Giving vote , is a fundamental right of every person but even there a woman need permission . Women are not even allowed to keep her girl child , she has to abort her baby for the sake of her family .She is not asked for her marriage even she want to marry that man or not .
This is the harsh reality of Indian society . where women are not allowed to take her own decision , take her own stand . Don’t call India free , Indian women free .