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Yes, women can become good leaders, if given that opportunity with responsibility because as a woman she not only handles a single situation but multiple areas of situations in a very right manner. There are some points which can be considered that women can be a good leader more than good a valid leader.
– They can handle crisis situations very well: It’s an inbuilt quality of women on being adaptive to the environment whether its a house where she has to handle a single person or a list of guests or a workplace where she has to be ready with her projects in a short duration.
– Good listener: Women can be great leaders because they take time to listen and then react to situations, whether they are right or wrong.
– Multi-tasking: They have the ability to be decisive and respond to all the tasks which come their way and so multi-tasking is a thing which they can do it easily, we may have heard that moms are multi-tasker because they can manage a kid and husband and the whole family.
– They perform duties effortless: Women can be phenomenal because there perform their tasks and make impossible things possible.
If a woman can handle home she can also handle all powers efficiently. So they can make a good leader