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Rape is rape, irrespective of the identity of person or age, but that person has raped is of main concern. A woman who is raped by a stranger has to live with that horrible attack, a woman who is raped by her own husband has to suffer her whole life and have to live with that person.
Is marriage a roadway to have sexual relations with a wife or have sex with each other? Marital rape is the act of forcing your spouse into having sex without proper consent, is yet an unjust and uncommon way to degrade women and disempower them. It’s just not in one country but faced by many around the world but India is one of 36 countries where marital rape is still not criminalized. Despite, rape laws in our country, women are still considered or treated as a thing and not as a human when It comes to all these issues.
Sexual contact is taken to another level where they do it forcefully and is called marital rape where both husband and wives consent should be there but unfortunately, women here also face many problems where this is a vital thing for them to decide, but her consent is least considered and all that is done and has to been done is all in hands or power of males. It doesn’t mean that you once marry then you can do whatever you want to, however, and whenever with your wife, both the persons should be mutually agreeing on this. There is a need for legalizing the acts because many can’t raise their voice because they are told that marrying means doing this is okay.

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