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Shubhangini Shaktawat
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Modern or ancient, exploitation remains exploitation. The society changes in the timeline, in the view of the people, to keep up with the changing times, as it is the need of the hour. Everything changes, keeping in mind the surroundings. Everything develops. What does not change or develop, is the behavior of the society towards women. What does not change, is that women were exploited back then, when one had to use fire lamps to light up houses, and women remain to be exploited even now, that each city has started to have its own night life with the streets lit up.
The modern society favors everyone and everything, but women. Where is it even written that a woman should not work in a call center when she is in dire need of money? Where has it been specified that women in their workplace have to adjust more than a man will ever need to? Why do men think that a woman is “asking for it” if she is smoking at a riverside struggling to keep up with the demands and requirements of the society? What is a woman- a divine incarnation of the holy goddess Kali or one’s punching bag? And for who is it to decide?
If a woman is working as hard as her male counterparts, it is absolutely fair that she be promoted to the same post or position as her male colleagues. If a woman wants to reject a marriage proposal and live by her own rules and achieve her ambitions, she has the right to do so without being frightened of the fact that she might be attacked at, with acid. If a woman wants to work in a nightshift, she must not be doubtful, whether she would be allowed for the same or not. If a woman wishes to live by her means, she has the right to the same, and she will do it.
Why does the law say that groping a child is not sexual assault until there is ‘skin contact’ or ‘sexual intent?’ For what other purpose would somebody try to get their hands on a 6 year old? What our so called ‘modern society’ needs, is a literally modern mindset and thought process, not only towards modernization, urbanization, advancement of technology and better facilities, but also towards women. Else, this pandemic of “Exploitation of Women” will swallow mankind raw, like Covid-19 did.

A woman myself,
Shubhangini Shaktawat