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Manpreet Singh
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Women being free in Indian society is a kind of joke. with the kind of situation revealing right now regarding the gender inequalities, it would be video article to say that women are truly free in our Indian society. right from their home to their workplace, women have to face numerous kinds of discrimination and harassment on a daily basis. basic requirements like education, awareness about rights, water and fenitization facilities, etc are not being provided by two more majorities of women. Even if a woman is living in the privileged part of society, there are also are not able to live freely true sense. they are so bound by the patriarchal setup of society that in every part of the life, they have to kind of seek permissions from the opposite gender. with over 70 years of our independence, it is a shame that we have not been able to fill the gender gap effectively. despite it being erected by our fundamental rights and instructed under Directive principles in our constitution. the situation of women is abysmally low even in present times.
In order to correct the present situation, it is very important that we attack the age-old patriarchal set of society. For doing this a very strong political will is required which rides above the vote bank politics and think about the Welfare of the society in a true sense. We must empower women with proper education and arm Dam with rights which they deserve. we must question the gender inequality and gender roles that are present in our society and replace them with something modern that truly respects their rights.