Manpreet Singh
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It has clearly shown that women have great qualities to become leaders. some of the notable examples are Margaret Thatcher, Angela Merkel, Mother Teresa, Marie Curie, etc. with the Rapid development of social norms it is clear that the boundaries between gender roles are slowly decreasing in the field are being opened for all gender-based upon their talent and caliber. At the present time, it would not be wrong to say that women leaders have the potential to change the world. but right now the situation is not viable for them, they still have to reach that equality status that will allow them to become a world leader. here are some pointers which can be useful for there to growth

1 Strong Education-It is very vital that in order to make our women leaders they must be given a quality education which has been already guaranteed under Fundamental Rights in our constitution. the directive principles also encourage the government to make yours that quality and free education is provided to all in society. quality education can go a long way in developing a proper personality and to hardness true hidden potential and caliber. with a human being dependent on the patriarchal setup, it becomes even more important that they must be educated and made independent.

2. Awareness about Rights- Important his dad when was be taught out there basic rights which day has in the society. it is not very surprising that the basic diet such as the constitutional right to vote is not known by many women. they mostly go and vote according to the instructions of their family head. due to a lack of proper awareness about this right they fail to create a political intellect that is very important for becoming a leader. with the proper awareness of their rights, they would be able to make their own political opinions and ideologies that are very important in order to become a leader