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Every human being has the right to live but in India giving birth to a girl, the child is considered a sin for some classes of society because there is the belief that a son is an asset for the family and a daughter is a liability.
Female feticide is the abortion of the girl child when she is in the womb of the mother it is against the law in India but it still happens in some rural regions of India. People give bribe the doctor and torture them to reveal the gender of the baby, there is a lot of case related to this. Girls equal to boys. girl have proven them in every field right from stepping on to being the finance minister, nowadays girls are independent and supporting their parents. It just depends on the parents how they nurture girls to make them strong. Everything would change if people would stop believing in social rituals and norms. Consequences of female feticide are Decrease in the female population, adverse effects on women’s health physically and mentally, women are abused and exploited sexually. Dowry is also a problem from which people fear they have to give huge money and other things which groom demands. The family involved in this activity should be fined some cash amount and a minimum of 2 years in jail.
People should not fear registering the complaint if they are seeing this. They are also social organizations are made to save a girl child. Also slowly the change is happening girl childbirth ratio is rising day by day. Even after the birth is given some family does not give the equal treatment in house. Our government and media are constantly making efforts to through launching policies and making TV shows so people will change. Every parent should raise like they are not less.