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Yash Tiwari
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Do we need self-defense classes for women? Well, the statistics show that one in four female students on any university campus will be a victim of sexual assault or attempted sexual assault before she graduates. This is supposedly three times more than women who are not on college campuses. A woman’s empowerment starts with her ability to protect herself, both in mind and body. Some women advocates, therefore, see self-defense as a powerful means for social activism. Nevertheless, we are going to talk about some of the reasons why women need to learn self-defense.

Self-defense is the ability to protect yourself from the harmful actions of others. This freedom can allow women to feel more peace and less stressed. Playing around with techniques allows a woman to eventually feel comfortable and confident in her abilities. A feeling of comfort with the self-defense techniques allows her to have the most important part of self-defense, self-confidence. The benefits of self-defense for women include the ability to venture out more into potentially dangerous areas with increased confidence, knowing self-defense techniques, and building self-confidence.

Given the recent spotlight on campus sexual assault, it’s likely that women will sign up for self-defense courses in droves. But to create a real difference in its students’ attitudes and behaviors, a self-defense class must be more than just a physical drill or the latest fashion fad. Unfortunately, many instructors give only enough instruction to ensure their students can function in fights, and do not help their students develop the internal resources they need for personal empowerment.
In the long run, we can’t depend on the people around us to keep us safe. Our families are busy with their own lives. We can’t expect cops, security guards, or bouncers to always be around when we need them. It’s up to us to defend ourselves, and that responsibility doesn’t end in adulthood. Many victims are children just out of high school. We should teach them self-defense too–but it has to start with us as grown women learning to defend ourselves.

At a time when women are taking back the night, feminists everywhere are discovering that personal safety is as important to activism as it is to everyday life. Knowing how to defend yourself physically and psychologically is not only empowering but gives you a sense of security and freedom in the world. Women can benefit from this in many ways including empowering themselves, self-defense skills you will have a sense of confidence to get out of a dangerous situation, women who want to be able to protect themselves.