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Self-defense need to be made compulsory in every country , day by day the cases are increasing the country is not safe , not any country . we can see that globally , 736 million almost one in three have been subjected to intimate partner violence , non-partner sexual violence , or both at least once in their life, Around 30% of women is aged 15 or younger , As we can see not a single girl is safe in night time . In India 88 rape case register each day and 20% cases are of under 18 girls .School’s need to do compulsory subject or a period for training self-defence to girls , recent youth is coming together every day to stop this to help other who gone on this , every day many people upload videos on internet of self – defence . There many online shopping sites in which we can see that the self defence gadgets like phone cover electric shock , spray , self- defence belt , bubble blaster , step n pull , gaff gun , etc. & many helpful techniques book of self defence are available in all over shopping apps out there .