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Menstrual education is Important for girls because it is thing that every women goes through and that’s why it becomes necessary to know the facts and study of menstrual. Also it should know all the people to understand certain things. But mostly don’t talk about it they feel shame to talk about it. There should be openly discussion made there is nothing of shame to talk about menstrual aur sharing the knowledge about it. Rather that it will be good atleast through that people will understand certain things and maybe people change the way of there thinking. Still some people think Menstrual is impure but it is pure because it cleans the body impure blood comes outside through menstrual. Every Women should know in detail about menstrual because it important for them. To know all the information about menstrual. At old times people used to ask women to stay separately till the periods gets over. Still some women are ashamed of it because when we go to buy pads they hide it. It is nothing like that to hide it’s natural and everyone should be aware of it. As people highlight on unnecessary things they should highlight about menstrual education it’s a major concern.