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In our modern world, there’s a lot of collection of toys, dresses, colors and so on. But can you answer me, why we always choose pink for her and blue for him? Even our famous chocolate kinder joy has it. How do they decide what can be liked by a girl or a boy?
We often go to toys shop and choose like, ‘excuse me, there’s a boy and a girl of 6 year old, what should we have for them? ‘ and that shopkeeper handles you a pink Barbie doll or house craft set for a girl and a army car set or robotics set for a boy.
How easily we assume that their choices must be according to gender, no?
Have you ever thought what if that girl really likes that robotics and that boy likes Barbie?
Oh! What a shame to think that way! Is it?
Oh… Now your point is that it’s getting over reacted… After all, it’s just a toy!
Yes, it’s just a toy, and everyone is already discriminating it on gender.
Just how we don’t even give our girls choices to do that guy like things and when she grows up, every one is pitching like, oh you are a girl, you can’t think like a boy, you can’t do like a boy and so on. Did we ever give her a chance to think like her own self? What she likes? Did we ever ask her?
No, we are setting that boundaries such a way from their childhood, that there remains no space for question.
And by the way, don’t forget what we did when she asked for that car or robotics set… We just asked her to choose something else as that’s not some girls to play with type of things.
Yes, they are too little to notice, we’re making big issues from them. Outside, we preach about gender equality and all but inside we’re making these mistakes knowingly or not knowing. But they should be corrected. We should let our kids to make their choices, accept their things like what they want, not like what our society want them to be with. And buying toys is a tiny piece of it, I know, but small changes lead to big results. So not only toys, colors, choices each and everything should be gender neutral.