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In a society,
where girls are being harmed and are not Secured , where rape cases are being common , where girl’s are not even safe from there own family members should learn “ SELF DEFENCE “

Self defence !
What this term means?
Self Defence , is an act in which a person use to protect itself from external force .Every girl need to learn self defence; either an independent girl or a normal village girl.
In village Girls are not allowed to go outside at night , even after evening due to safety issues . People think they are not capable of protecting her self . In city area girls who are independent and live their life independently , have to face many things like :- Coming late from office, unusual comment at stations , and due to their achievement many people get jealous from them .If each and every girl know self defence techniques they don’t need anyone to protect them . They can go anywhere at any time. Self defence always helps a girl to face the unwanted waste of society.
Recently in IG TV , I just saw a video of small girl where her father teach her Self Deface because his daughter is become the victim of eve teasing and get afraid to go . To let her daughter again fly in the open sky he took this step and he do not care about what people say . After few months when the girl coming back home those boy come and start teasing other girls , that go their and beat those guys and teach them a lesson and others too , that now girls can take her stand and can fight for themselves .
Self defense Is not only to save a girl from eve teasing or rape when ever they face any critical situation like being kidnapped or something else she can fight for her self and can her itself and others too.
Self Defence , should be thought in school since from 1st class . Their should be different seminar for girls where the expert can give them some valuable knowledge and teach them some basic techniques .