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When we start to talk about decriminalization of section 377,lets know what is about it all.
So, basically 377 is a section, included in Indian Penal Code, which forbids any unnatural sex like ‘animal sex, early age sex, nonconsensual sex with recently included anal and oral sex’. Homosexuality which defines the sexual relationship with in same sex, was also included in this list. On 6th September, 2018 the Supreme Court of India ruled that the application of Section 377 to consensual homosexual sex between adults was unconstitutional, “irrational, indefensible and manifestly arbitrary”. Thus we get our decriminalization of 377,though it should be notified that it remains same for the others on the list.
Ok now, the question is does it help our quere women or not?
There’s still issues like forced marriages, corrective rapes, conversion therapy, honor killings, etc. which still affect the lives of queer individuals and women are one of the worst sufferers of these crimes. We can see, if homosexual people met with rape or sexual assault, they get afraid to even complain about it, as they fear of exposing their sexuality. As, despite of declaration of supreme Court, our society has it’s own contradictions. For a girl, society has different standard from the beginning.
In a society that constantly asks women to be ashamed of their sexuality and bodies, fighting for the very right to love or to exist is hard. Lesbians in villages are often harassed, ostracized and even chased out. Lesbians in cities face discrimination and harassment. Trans women fear their safety and struggle with means of survival, Bisexual and Pansexual women face either getting fetishized or total erasure and Asexual women face denial.
Among our society, there is many of us who are slightly different from most of us. And it is not a mistake at all.
Homosexuality is not a choice to be decided, it’s a biological phenomenal which is ‘natural and inherent’
By applying art. 377 on homosexuality, means by punishing their sexual orientation, we’re raising individual’s identity to the pedestal of divinity. And by destroying it , their dignity is crushed, we’re tormenting their privacy, choice, freedom of speech, freedom of work and so on.
In some countries, this homosexuality is recognized as such a sin that they are punished by sacrificing them from high building to make other people aware about their crime.
Though India gave verdict, only a few part of our society didn’t change their mentality on a ‘husband-wife ‘ relationship on sexual orientation.