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Gayatri Somvanshi
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We are living in a country where people have raped her in buses and temples so it’s no doubt self defence is an essential skill we need to learn. We need to learn to protect ourselves in any unsafe situation even though we can’t match with the strength of man but it’s also not that we can’t defeat him. Self defence is a skill that should actually be included in our life as a daily thing to learn .
In places like school and colleges many seminars are taken occasionally but I feel they are not too fruitful. I feel that self defence should be just taught everyday like other subjects. It’s just like if you are teaching maths and english daily the child will naturally be good at mathematics and english will naturally be on his tongue so he won’t get flustered to communicate in English.Same goes for self defence .In situations like this women will naturally get flustered but if you look at women who already have mastered the skills of boxing , karate there body will naturally respond to this danger.
Coming to the second point of debate there is no doubt that our country has failed to protect us and it’s sad that in our own home country we have can’t live freely and need to be vary of our dressing style , walking style and even can’t go to certain places. Though there are countless so-called helplines provided by the government , it’s often found that those helplines never work on time and who knows, the first thing the troublemaker does is snatch your mobile. So the best thing is to learn skills accordingly to protect ourselves. Now keeping aside the outside situation let’s talk about the situation inside. We all are aware of the fact that most of the times rape is committed my our pwn trusted people.People who are part of our family ,friend circle or work .So in these cases we need to know the ways to defend ourselves.
Key is to normalise women participating in sports like karate ,boxing and wrestling. We have always thought that girls play with dolls but this mindset needs to be changed and we need to fight .