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If you ask me, this is suited not only for women , even men too. Women in different class often experiences a silent pressure for marriage after a certain age from their household, relatives, neighbors and who not. In maximum cases, this age is not efficient to make one’s dream come true, maybe some are preparing or still taking just their first step on their way. But marriage is so important to our indian culture, that they make dreams wait until marriage.
After marriage some will say.’how can she work so late; doesn’t she has a family? ” how can she hang out with guys,must be a bitch’, questions about ability-disability,charachter analysis And so on.
As a result after marriage, most of those dreams flew away for the stigma in our society and our own mind that’ what people will say’. And the main wonder is this is not a culture among just uneducated, old cultured people. This culture is continuously going on in between our home to the higher class ever. As women doesn’t have gender equality in any class, they are often used as a asset to turn on a business with another’s profit, often as a burden who must be reduced. And sadly, no other than our own family is main culprit.
Yes, for men, they may have some extra years, but unless you are established in your own way, everyone is going to punch him and tell again and again that they must proceed to some other direction to be happy, to be successful.
Is it so? No, and everyone knows that. But we all are from that same mental hospital who are gonna stab everyone despite already being in their situation. Maybe thr circumstances are different, maybe the causes are different but result and feeling of an unfulfilled dream will remain just same.

Human is such a creature who never been taught to clap for your success. Whether you get success or not, they are going to backpinch you until you start to see yourself a failure. Only few of our family and friends really support and want us to be succeed. So it’s obviously better not to listen to them and try on our own spirit.