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Self-defense is a very important skill that every girl should learn. There should be compulsory training for girls for self-defense. It not only helps save girls from physical attacks but also helps to benefit them in everyday life. When girls are walking alone and it’s late if someone tries to attack them she defend herself at least. Nowadays we all know there is a lot of wrong things that happen to girls but they have suffered because they don’t know how to defend themselves. Girls can take training of kickboxing, karate, taekwondo.
The whole aim of a self-defense class is to prepare you for any dangerous situation that may bring harm to you or your loved ones. Physical conditioning is therefore one of the biggest factors when it comes to defending yourself. Lessons and training prepare you for that inevitable adrenalin rush that occurs when a fight or flight situation arises. When you experience an adrenaline rush, it only lasts a few seconds – what this means is that you need to be physically conditioned to appropriately deal with your situation. If you are not in good physical form, your body will not work as efficiently as you need it to. Physical conditioning will help work on your reflexes and overall strength. Last but not least, being trained in the art of self-defense is the best way to keep your mind at ease. Instead of worrying every single time you go to a bar or a club, you will be able to enjoy your time with your friends and loved ones as you know that you are ready to handle any sour situation that is thrown in your direction. The only way to ensure you are ready to tackle any danger that comes your way is to keep practicing, and then practice some more. Going to class and showing up on time and on a regular basis helps you develop your discipline. Like with any other sport, practice makes perfect.