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Be quiet !

You have only 2 year to complete your study !

Get ready , groom family will be there in an hour !

Every girl have to face this comment once in their life.

Now they have only 2 way:- either compromise their dream or to face the criticism of society . Those girl who are not able to raise their voice and stand for their dream has to accept this Harsh reality , but those who don’t care about the foolish comment and not want to fulfill their dream to face the criticising comment of society.

we all have seen many girls after 12th standard get married and do house chore.

Is girls are only for all this thing ?

Do they don’t have right , to fly?

Or it’s a global rule that , boys have only right to think to dream to fly and do what ever they want ?

These are the only people who Marry an unqualified wife and do not let her complete studies after marriage and later feel ashamed to take out along with them in parties as “she is not qualified”

I think you all are aware about this Star Plus serial “Anupama” that serial is it correct picture of the current society where women have no right to think about her self give herself time and fly in the sky…

But there is a Ray of hope, due to feminism women realising their role and importance and start valuing their dream their Wills .

Now woman has understand no one going to fulfill their dream they only have to fight for their dream and achieve them . Woman has to realise people always have something to say they will always tryto take your step back but you need to be strong and ignore all these things just focus on your goal and leave everything behind.

Just remember 1 think this society can never accept a successful women , as women have ability to work more efficiently than man and can manage everything in a positive way.
So girls , don’t think you are going wrong it’s the in-security of society.

We should be thankful to all those women who gain that much of courage of taking stand for themselves and crossing the all limits and boundaries , the criticizing comments and by “not compromising and killing their dreams in silence ” just because what people says has doing good in their life and are independent now.