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Domestic violence is a term used to describe any incident or pattern of incidents of controlling and threatening behavior or violence. It can be physical, sexual, emotional or financial and domestic violence has now been emerged on social networking sides, mobile phones, etc. So, violence has or been seen not only at home but outside home too.
What happens at home have very drastic effect on children too. Its very upsetting for them to see their parents involved in abusing or attacking each other. It also depends on children’s mentality or age like younger children may act and analyses that scenario in very fearful way and they themselves are feared from this, while elder children react differently and express very forwardly. Not only they what happens but they also experience all of it and then that all affects their personality, health, emotional, and social behavior too.
Effect on children can be long term, short term and what should a child do? when he /she witnesses that scenario. At very young age child becomes mature and tries to understand the things happening around them. Many a times, they feel ashamed of what they see and can’t share what they feel with anyone and it affects them wholly as an individual.
There can arise some symptoms of disorder like Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Fatigue, sleeping disorder. Behavior of that children are likely to be regressing, irritating, acting tough, not able to maintain bond with others, etc. So domestic violence is not only related to two people but it also affects each individual around them.

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