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I am very sorry to say it is not safe for women to travel alone in India and especially during the night time because there are more cases of rape when women are alone outside. It always and this is the reality and happen with every another girl some men constantly stare and makes her feel uncomfortable and we are expected to ignore them because it does not change. People touch girls in buses and trains knowingly and they say it happened unknowingly. I have experienced it. Every woman feels a sense of discomfort when traveling .she has behaved in a certain way. There are also cases when girls are being kidnapped and raped. Many parents fear sending their daughters alone on public transport. This also questions their freedom. Government should do something regarding this issue, I think there should be a sense of fear for men before doing anything wrong with women. Also there one police can be in public transport so if some women facing any difficulty so she can open up.
We have to create a safe environment for women to travel in India this will only happen when man will respect women and know their boundaries. If something wrong happens with she should immediately go to the police station to register the complaint also it is the duty of the police to take quick action. There. Also should be strict punishment who misbehaves with women. It’s very awful to hear when people from outside the country comment that our country is the most unsafe place for women to live in .we need to change this.