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Menstruation or period is a normal part of life for almost every women. Still it is stigmatized in many places. Menstruation is another subject to be raised awareness on, everyone be it a man or a woman needs to know that menstruation is a natural and a healthy part of life that has nothing to be hidden for. Menstrual awareness among the people would help in emphasizing on making hygiene products available to those who have no access to them. In india, products related to menstruation are so costly that a poor person has to think thrice before buying them, hence alot of the population is still using unhygienic means during their period, unaware of the consequeal diseases that can even lead to death. Period essentials need not be a luxury to the people, they’re as important as water to a thirsty soul. Hence, luxuriating the products is causing it difficult for the women to maintain their hygiene during menstruation, moreover most women are unaware about usage of such products, creating awareness amongst the people would solve a lot of problems from education about the hygiene to increasing the amount of production that would eventually lead to a low price of these product.