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Women empowerment is a movement run throughout the world in order to promote women’s self-worth, their ability to determine their own-choices and the right to influence a social change for themselves. The movement of women empowerment has affected the world so far in many ways. Women in earlier times used to be treated as slaves, they used be puppets of their house, working according to their man’s needs, no-one used to treat them as they were human beings, it was believed that serving men is the ultimate duty of women, no matter what they have to face. Women were treated in the worse manner possible.
But the scenario has now changed, not completely but women are now in a better place than the earlier times, now they have earned alot of rights courtesy to stand for themselves if they face any injustice, now women are allowed to take their own decisions, they’re now allowed to choose their career paths, stand on their feet and not let men treat them as slaves, women today has proved that they’re strong enough to live their life on their own terms. Not ignoring the fact that there are still some people around their standing against women but our women are now proving to be the strongest creatures on earth by fighting them and growing in every step of their lives.
Unlike earlier, women today are a part of combat forces; proving themselves to be as strong as men in serving their country, women today are also living their lives without men around, earning sufficient money for living a life of their dreams without being dependent upon their husbands or fathers. Women today are making their families proud just by getting educated and standing upon their feet.