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Toys should be gender neutral
Toys can’t be biased or made for a specific gender and can be used and be played and used by both the genders equally. There’s no such rule or specification like cars for boys and dolls for girls, or a myth which is still considered like blue colour for boys and pink for girl. Children are taught from their toddler till teenage or adulthood ,that girls have to play with games which are more of related to house or which doesn’t require much of knowledge or which are mostly indoor type of games while boys are taught or told to play only with cars or outdoor games or which require more of mind games .So it all starts within family where parents ,siblings or grandparents teaches what you should do and how and what you should play and still continues till outside where unknown shopkeeper suggests that you should play with this or that .Gender discrimination ,work related inequality , etc. are common discrimination seen and practiced in daily lives not much in developed places but mostly in rural and underdeveloped areas .But toys are not that things which are to discriminated based on gender .Each individual and every gender can play or take toys what they want.
Toys are not to selected according to gender but as per children’s preference and choices and what they are willing to play with. Parents should also allow their children to buy and select what they want. Toys are incredibly useful tools in teaching from a young age for improvement of both fine and gross motor skills, as well as empathy training, problem-solving skills, social skill development, and many other important skills.
Toys can’t be gender divided but yes it can be divided according to ages, like infants and toddlers can be given rattles, push pull toys so that these toys don’t harm them while in case of growing ages they can be given puzzles, craft kits, sports equipment, etc. during that age it helps them grow in many terms like mentally, socially and so on. Toys should just be toys; we don’t need to change the toys we just need to work towards a where we don’t inflict our views on sexuality and gender roles on children. After all, children don’t really know or even care about these things, they’re just using it for their fun and joy.