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Manpreet Singh
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History has shown us that when any Revolutionary movement starts in any society, it is inevitable that at some point in time it will take a political course. the same can be said about the feminist revolution or cause.
I would like to clarify that I am not living the whole families I’m Revolution for cause as political, what I am trying to highlight is that some person tries to monetize or use any regulation for their benefit and in turn making it political. The same problem is also present in the feminist cause, And as a result, the main cause for which a revolution was started gets sidelined.
The problem with feminism right now is that too many people have tried to give too many meanings to it. feminism as a course was started to bring equality among Gender and to shed the discriminations and crimes that were being ok done against women. but right now the families I’m has taken a search confusing path that everyone is trying to give a personal meaning to feminism. While there’s nothing wrong in interpreting a particular cause according to their own will but it becomes a problem when the whole group gets polarized and divided into two parts. with divisions come politicization and with that hatred start to spread. I would like to say that the core cause should never be forgotten to be it any revolution and we must choose our leader very carefully.