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Manpreet Singh
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Water and sanitization are basic requirements for any well-developed society, it has even been declared as a part of the right to live under article 21a of our constitution, husband not to forget the directive principle of state policies are so many dates government to provide basic sanitation facilities. What is 5 more than 70 years of independence country still lacks in this department very badly. the situation in rural areas is much worse. lack of proper sanitization facilities in schools and colleges in the major stumbling block between a girl and her education. even if they want to pursue an education they are forced to quit their education due to this very reason. it is very sad to see that a lot of talent and caliber is being wasted just because they are not able to get proper facilities.
And how can we forget about the crime that is think rated among women due to this very reason, women have to choose open defecation system unwillingly and it is not uncommon that they become a victim of crime in open.
A number of health issues are also being faced by women because lack of proper sanitation facilities leads to menstrual problems and UTI infections. The problems are uncountable but thankfully the solution for this problem can be defined very easily. It is political leaders who have to show some willpower in order to follow the basic Directive Principles contained in our constitution. water and sanitization must be the chief agenda of any government and they must work rigorously in this regard. families on the other hand should also invest in proper water and sanitization facilities if they have enough money for that, they must shed their historical thinking and stepped into the modern world.