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Gender equality is when all genders have equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities. Gender equality is a human right.
Gender justice is a right where everybody; women, men, girls, boys are valued equally and are able to share equitably in the distribution of power, knowledge and resources.
Gender equality is treating each gender equally and giving them equal rights. If there is inequality, every gender will be affected whether its women, men transgender. Gender equality applies to all if it is practiced it will bring prosperity in many ways like economic, social, political and many more. Each one them can benefit from gender equality whether its infant or adult or old aged. A developed place treats and values each women and men at par. But in underlying areas and less developed and rural areas, that needs to be considered and taken seriously and should be prioritized, so that can be achieved but it cannot happen overnight. If each individual works together for a good cause, we can achieve and follow equality in all gender.
This topic highlights on equality, so there’s no scope for biasness towards one gender to be most priority and other less. Equality is equal opportunities, responsibilities to all, whether children, men, women, transgender. Whether its work related or family related, each gender holds that importance and each gender have rights to applicability.
It can be achieved when there are reforms which have equal rights to economic resources as well as access to ownership and control over all things. When people adopt an sound and valid policies for promotion of gender equality .It is a goal itself for peaceful development and it can be achieved when all contribute to development of society and stop comparing oneself to others.