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Child Marriage is not a new thing. It has been going on for years. Unfortunately it is still going on in certain areas but the cases are significantly less. The words ‘child’ and ‘marriage’ should not and should never be together in the same sentence. When you are a child, that’s what you are. Children deserve the bare minimum, which is a good and normal childhood. Children should not worry about taking care of their family at such a young age.
Although the age for minors getting married has increased, it certainly has to stop. Minors can not consent. Many people take advantage of this and do as they wish.
As a result, the abuse cases increase. The parents should have sense but I doubt it since they themselves consented to it. Usually this happens due to poverty.
People need to understand that these are the growing years, and it will impact the child a lot. It often results in stress, depression, abuse and premature childbearing. It will affect the people around them.
Only if people understood that children are children and that they can’t make decisions on behalf of them, will the world be a better place.