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Women empowerment is a universal phenomenon that refers to the creation of an environment for women where they can make the decision of their own for themselves. It can also be said that it is to have the right to choose and decide what you want.
For decades and centuries, women have been treated inferior to men. They were only working for family moreover and less for themselves in short, they lost their identity. It was during that times when women just kept silent and did what they were ordered to do, but time now has changed, women are now independent and can take decisions for themselves.
Women empowerment is a very vital issue, which is still in relevance whether any age or time, or years. We can say somewhere and, in some countries, women empowerment is in real terms and is practiced and considered but in underdeveloped and rural areas, it is still a dream. Many empowerment programs are introduced like the Swayamsidha Swa-shakti project, Support to training, and emp. Program for Women (STEP), Hostels for working women, etc.
So, we are stepping towards a change but it can be done when we are aware and take initiative to improve the situations. Women have gathered courage and are still doing their best to fight this scenario, but still, there’s a long way to go to achieve Women’s Empowerment in the true sense.