Gayatri Somvanshi
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Oh my god why did you say it so loud?😳
Why menstruation, which is a process and not just a process but an important process and function of the human female body is taboo in this society. Why is it termed impure when it’s the reason for our whole existence.
Menstruation cycle is a biological cycle of the human female body we all know. Its basic knowledge the blood flowing from our vagina is an extra layer shaded by uterus which is meant to be for nourishment of embryo if egg is fertilized but if egg is not fertilized this extra layer is shed that’s it.
It’s really sad that in spite of so much awareness girls are treated like prisoners or sinners during their period when they need to already endure a lot of cramps,pain , discomfort during this phase.
We need to give our younger generation proper knowledge on this topic as I feel they should know what their fellow classmates ,mothers, friends ,sisters, girlfriends and wives need to go through in their life and it’s not shameful but a magical process of mother nature .
Even though periods have been mentioned in textbooks, there are still some colleges and schools, especially in rural areas, that avoid the topic of reproduction itself. But there are also schools who conduct sessions and invite doctors for knowledge and help students understand the term.
Yet I feel we should normalise having periods rather than just making an issue of it .
This is causing nothing but stopping girls from expressing discomfort they face during periods. Sanitary napkins are basic needs yet why we need to be ashamed to tell it to chemists in front of customers and why it should be wrapped in newspapers or black bags as if it’s something illegal? We should normalise these things and the key is giving knowledge to students.Many girls nowadays due to changing lifestyles are getting periods at early age too and they should know this to keep them prepared and also make them aware of their body and also that it’s absolutely natural and beautiful.
Not only this but we need to provide proper menstrual care and also support the brands which are good.