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Domestic violence as we know mostly affect our women. Having a distorted relationship with distorted mentalities lead to it. And every one of us acknowledge that, discuss about it. But what about the children who is living within a room with those distorted relationship? A family is supposed to be loved. As a child we expect our parents and family members to be around us and build a happy relationship. But what if that children is looking at the most horrible sight of his life?
We, normal people, despite of living in a patriarchal society, often refuse to admit that our father or brother is also a part of it and of course nobody expect that to be. But here, a mere child who is not enough familier with those Hallaboolas of life, witness such a pathetic crime. According to psychology , they live in a constant state of fear where they even blame themselves as cause of these distorted relationship. Furthermore such a state lead to be the victims of children abuse by 15%.
Ok leave those number and just talk about children’s normal behavior- that our children portrait that behavior outside which they have seen inside their house. As a primary result they ought to be an adult who is either depressed or presenting such a disgrace to not only their women but tp their friends and family and often experience inability to express emotions, to establish a bond with someone, which even lead to anxiety, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), insomnia and so on.
Though there’s certain ways like ‘play therapy’ , making a safe environment all around them, keeping them busy with a loving adult to decrease these affects. But lastly, if you are his/her family, then it’s your duty to go them a well bringing and safe environment . Solve your problems, your children are not the path that solve your problems, they should not be emerged within your mistakes.