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Menstrual education is very much important for every female but surprisingly it is not taught in school or people don’t vocally about it. Every girl has created their own preconceived notions about menstruation, so they have inadequate knowledge about it, many girls do not know how to maintain hygiene when they are on their periods they do not about irregular periods, periods cramps if it continues to happen it will create a big problem in the future. Most of the people in rural areas very little medical knowledge about it, we need to go to the village need to create awareness campaigns for menstruation education. It is necessary to take a proper diet and do less exerting work when you are periods. These small- small things matter the most for women. If they are facing regular difficulties during periods they should immediately concern with a gynecologist and take proper treatment before the situation become worse. Also, a school needs to add a chapter in the syllabus about the female reproductive system because a small section about this topic, not enough.

They are very many taboos that girls can go to temples, do not touch anything in the kitchen without asking, have to wash their clothes on their own this creates the very wrong image of menstruation in the female mind, periods should not be the battle of uphill negativity, contempt, and disgust. think women should feel proud about that they are menstruating, it is a gift, not a punishment we have come together change thinking about will only happen when will stop believing in these taboos and be vocal about this. Not only women but also men need to have basic knowledge about menstruation and do not fear to talk about this with females we have to normalize it, so people will change and men should be supportive and helpful. Let’s bring this positive change and make menstruation concern an important topic to address.