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When we’re talking about menstrual education, we first had to think about all the backgrounds of our society. If we’re talking about a middle class or higher class, they are all comparatively more concern than lower class. As poverty and illiteracy engulfed them, they are making their essentials first priority. Of course, who won’t? But does their female’s menstrual health becomes their priority? No, of course.
Menstruation still remains a biological event shrouded in mystery and taboo, not to be spoken about openly. Even girls are not so comfortable to talk about it with their own father. If we talk about backward class, it’s even seen in India, 23 million girls drop out of school early when they start menstruating and many of them end up facing acute health problems. And they accept it so easily. As a result these taboo is running around generation by generation and making silent moves on our health.
Now the question is, why?
As a huge part of India still spend years in that old dark alleys of poverty and unimaginable illiteracy and their ancient concepts, most of the schools don’t possess a pure water supply or a bathroom. So, school going girls are feeling hesitated to go to school on period. With these their surroundings occurred with a breathtaking silence about it. They are filled with those practices about periods, passed down from their grandma or so on which prefer some old used clothes rather than sanitary napkin. As a result, those dangerous and most fatal disease like vaginal cancer.
So, if we start to provide specially menstrual education to our girl children,like qhy is it so much important to take care about their menstrual health, what they should and shouldn’t do,why shouldn’t they use that old unhygienic things,whats that proper hygiene then we can restrain an entire generation from fatalities caused by only those stigma and old practice.