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I am in favor of A. If women are willing to join the army they should get the chance. Because women also equally fight and win but our society thinks that women are not physically fit as compare to men they can only handle the intelligence work in the army. Also, some people don’t want to get ordered by females because it will hurt their male ego. Every individual should be allowed to serve and fight for the country. we should end being bias, give women the fair chance for serving the country. There always being debates about women should not be allowed in combat roles because if they will get pregnant their body becomes weak, but I think it’s very subjective it depends on women to women about fitness. the Women are serving in Indian Air force, and they are being exceptionally well so why not in the combat army .
Women in the other countries are serving in their country but our country has patriarchy that women are physically unfit to serve in the army. I think we should provide the training in schools to students so they grow their interest it will also be helpful. In the future, there chances to have a battle we need more People in combat. Our country has women’s who are in weight lifting, wrestling, and won many medals. women have a very calm temperament as compare to males so they can handle difficult situations with calmness and patience. I want to request if any women want to go to the army please support and motivate them to join the army seeing it will also empower other girls too. Let’s come together and make our country win the battles by supporting both men and women.