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Many girls do not have an accurate and complete understanding of menstruation as a process. Educating girls before their first period builds confidence, knowledge and encourages healthy habits.Menstruation is a major concern as it includes many areas to be considered like
-Menstruation and school absenteeism
-Menstruation and hygiene
-Menstruation and health and mental awareness
-Menstruation and drop out of schools
-Menstruation and lack of facilities
If each concern is considered the root cause of all will be education on menstruation.If the education will be adequately provided to each one of them whether boy or girl, there can be a change in society, change in thinking of some people who treat girls as a different and a taboo when she has periods .
Each year 23 million women drop out of school just because of they start menstruating . Also during period , girls absenteeism is also seen like they skip school for that days . There can be mnay reasons for all above concerns like lack of information ,improper facilities , sanitation problems ,peoples underlying beliefs ,etc.
Hygiene ,Sanitation ,Access to all facilities are also the key points .If they dont have proper access to washrooms , water , pads ,etc during that times , it will affect personal hygiene and health of girls .
Education is the key factor to every problem realet to menstruation;
To educate , to to bring awareness , to treat equally ,to not consider a tabboo or should not be looked down when a girl is going through menstruation .
Sometimes She cries
Sometimes She smiles
Sometimes She exhausts
Sometimes She suffers
Sometimes She survives
But sometimes are not ordionary days and She is not orinary .

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