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We all are aware about domestic violence and How a woman is affected by it. Domestic violence traumatise a woman Mentally and make her feel depressed . But not only women are affected by domestic violence , the small children who lives with their parents and see this regularly in front of their eyes are deeply affected by this. At the age of playing and studying they have to face this violence in their family due to which they cannot Live their childhood happily.
After seeing this condition in their home both the girl child and the boy child affected but in a different way as we talk about girls when girls see her mother beating like this she just aim To be successful in life and Become independent whereas a boy start Thinking woman is a weaker part of society whom they can exploit as much as they want even though they don’t have any right And this create a mentality of superiority complex in the mind of boys. In in small villages When a girl see her mother beaten up like this They keep in mentality that girls need to adjust and girls have to adjust in this society in their home everywhere they don’t have rights to raise their voice and do whatever the men want.

Many times children get traumatised and live their whole life in depression they want to take stand but they can’t which kill them deeply and slowly.
There are many situation And cases in which the small children run from their home due to the regular fight and domestic violence in their home They’re fed up of all these things and cannot handle all this stuff in this Small age.
Effect of domestic violence just decide to divorce her husband but in this situation the children has to choose anyone either they have mother or their father. Which means they will not get love of their mother. And they Also have to face this society and their tunts.
Men have to think twice before raising their hand towards a woman he should think about How it would affect their children all.