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Marital rape must need to be illegal in every country . There is a survey report shown that 5.4% women are victims which is “Physically forced her to do sexual intercourse with him even she did not want to” , As per the report the police mostly files cases under IPC section 377 , when there is forced anal penetration and in a few instances , under section 498A , in previous case of cruelty have already been registered . In most cases reported from emergency wards, the police delayed collection of medical evidence from these hospitals and also did not wish to record a FIR. 13% of the women also reported that their spouses withheld sex , which has to be understood as a form of sexual violence . 79% of the 2,325 women received between 2001-2011 were married they reached to hospital to seek treatment for injuries received due to different types of violence , and not to report sexual violence. In many cases report where women spent 20 – 40 years of their life sexually abused by their husband and not reported just to save their marriage . There are different-different types of marital rape which need to be stop THREATENED OR FORCE SEX , BATTERING RAPE , FORCE-ONLY RAPE , OBSESSIVE RAPE. Perpetrators of marital rape will often use different tactics to make their victims submit to sexual acts, such as non-physical sexual coercion and threatened or forced sex. Marriages with obsessive rapes were characterized by unusual sexual activities, such as bondage and the use or reenactment of pornography. Force-only rape was the second most common form of marital rape , However, research in this area has divided marital rape into two categories: non-physical sexual coercion and threatened or forced sex. Non-physical sexual coercion involves the use of social and interpersonal pressure by the perpetrator to make the victim consent to unwanted sexual activities. Threatened or forced sex involves the use or threat of force by the perpetrator to obtain sex. Although non-physical sexual coercion occurs more often, the majority of the research on rates of marital rape focuses on threatened or forced sex.