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Option A should be recommended as it serves gender equality and will help overall women empowerment.
First, if we continue make our girls think like there’s something wrong with their body, strength etc for which they can’t get to the higher rank, they can’t serve their country despite of willing, an whole gender is just going to accept them like yes, they are weak, they don’t possess the strength so they should be under another gender. It makes them stop believing in themselves. And another gender, means our men start to feel some sort of extra strength and a strong urge to either protect or destroy another one. As a result, our society is made at which we have to aware our girls to punch if a guy is eve-teasing her. Why awareness? Isn’t it a primary feeling that one should do that? But no, we women accept it that we are weak, so before lifting our single voice, we have to think extra thousand ways. This society manipulate us to think that we are inferior.
Of course, this mindset alone isn’t enough to suppress all the women. But still, not everyone is equal, why do we expect every women to struggle and be it rather than not making path for them.
Already many first world countries have decided and employed it.
Norway allowed women in all combat roles in 1985
All military roles open to women since 1989 in Canada
Britain opened all ground combat jobs to women in 2016
Women have served in combat positions since 1995 in Israel
But our, Indian government has a lot of problems with women physic, physical strength, psychological issues . And with some lame cause they just want to suppress women.
“The men don’t have a problem, it is senior officers, old “general sahibs” who call the shots, who don’t want to see women in combat and in commanding roles. They don’t want to be answerable to a woman. Because they have never worked with women and don’t trust them”-Captain Anita Ganz (retd)
While we’re in the twenty first century, isn’t it just a bad joke just because men want to stabilize their patriarchy?
Rank and combat roles should be decided on the abilities required, not in the basis of gender.