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By criminalising triple talaq, the government bans the practice of triple talaq in the books of laws but it still plays a part in islamic religion, according to their religion a man still can divorce his wife just by using the word “talaq” three times a row.
The problem with most women is that they fear divorce themselves and they think that protecting their husbands to not to a face a misery is their duty. When the criminalization of triple talaq took place, strangely, there were tons of women, protesting against its criminalization. There were women who were protesting that they need not be protected against triple talaq. Moreover, the criminal offence to triple talaq is a non-bailable 3year imprisonment which is what the women didn’t wanted for their men because they don’t want to be a burden to their families. These women are in such a vicious cycle created by the society that facing injustice by their husbands make them suffer but making their husbands punish for their injustice makes the women to suffer too. The society has made it so harsh for women that now women thinks that it’s their duty to suffer through what these men bring them. What really needs to be done is providing education to the women so that they can stand on their feet and not feel to be a burden on their families, they need to understand that living for the husband is not written in their fate and moving on with life without a monster husband is better and good, they need to be provided with their basic needs to survive until they find a way to live without feeling to be a burden to their family.