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Creating gender inequality starts from child’s birth itself, assigning pink dresses to a girl child and blue to the boys, thereafter bringing dolls to the girls and trucks to boys. This is what eventually leads to why our society is not able to change in terms of women empowerment or gender equality. Creating differences among children regarding their toys or clothes is directly or indirectly abandoning their senses to learn that everyone is equal. Toys are something used for zeal and fun for the children, they’re allowed to choose what type of fun they want to have, be it having fun by playing with dolls, barbies, trucks or cars. We’re none to decide how a child needs to have fun. Instead making them play with every toy, without restrictions is how we can bring a change in the gender unequal society and what do toys decide? Do they decide the future of your child? No. Girls even after playing with barbies are today serving indian navy by flying planes around the country, boys even after playing with trucks are somewhere doing housework instead of working outside, vice versa. Hence, creating discrimination among the toys is just a casual way that creates a border line to what a girl and a boy should be upto, that is creating gender inequality, and this is the bare minimum required by the world today.