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Rape, no matter what the circumstances, who or where it happened is illegal. It is not just a crime, it also affects the victim in many ways, mentally and physically. People have disgusting attitudes about rape and the case with marital rape is no better.
What people need to understand is that consent is important no matter what. If a person doesn’t say yes, it means no. Even if they do not say the word “No”, if the word yes wasn’t uttered, they’re clearly uncomfortable and do not want to proceed further. People think that in marriages they can do whatever they want. As a spouse to your significant other, you should understand when they’re not ready and respect their wishes. Marriage is a union, so people shouldn’t think that they can just have their way.
Men often think they own their wife in the relationship. They are extremely over protective. With that attitude, they feel that they can do anything they want. People need to understand that they need to know how to have some basic respect for their spouses.
The lack of sexual education in schools also plays a part. India is a country wherein sex is still a taboo topic and anyone who just wants to know a bit is considered a bad person.
You should also correct your friends when they’re wrong. Correct them when they’re making disgusting jokes. Do not normalize this behaviour. Be a part of change. Start correcting yourself and others today.