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Toys should definitely be gender neutral. Even from the starting of childhood, people unintentionally (or intentionally) assign gender roles by giving them toys according to the gender. For example: Girls usually get Barbies and Boys usually get cars or trucks. As a person who was interested in both, I think that people should ask the child what they want as a toy before deciding what to get. Children are mocked or scolded even by their families for taking an interest to toys which usually doesn’t interest their gender (or so they say) and this in turn affects them and way they act and think. Parents are the first teachers of children, and they should be careful with the way they act around children because it impacts them, a lot. We need to stop attributing colors to gender as well. Colors are gender neutral but many still think to this date that pink = girly color. You need to understand that even the ‘small’ things you do make a great impact on your children. It starts with the little things, so that your child will grow to be a good person based on what you taught them, directly or indirectly.

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