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Manpreet Singh
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This is the most painful thing that is present in our society that women have to abridge their choices just because of the fact that they have to keep the social norms in check. India and our constitution which boast of making the right to privacy and personal choices as a fundamental right is a meaningless letter in a practical situation. No matter what but women have to cross thousands of checklists in order to take any step in their life. Be it their career choices, marriage, dressing sense, etiquettes, etc.
What is the most shameful thing about this whole situation is that no concrete steps are being taken to tackle this problem by our politicians. There is a clear lack of political will in this case as the politicians cannot afford to lose their voter base by questioning this deep-rooted patriarchal setup. We are so used to this whole setup that men fear that they might lose some kind of privilege over women if they are bought at par with them in a matter of rights. They are so obsessed with the notion that women are their property and they can control them in whatever manner they like. This whole power shift that is required to improve the whole situation is the biggest stumbling block.
The situation can also be improved by making women more independent and making them less dependant on the patriarchal setup. They are afraid to raise their voices because they are so dependant on them. Once they are made independent, they will be able to protect their rights. They must be made educated. Also, the men need to be taught that most of the behavior that has been made normal needs to be changed.