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Manpreet Singh
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Never domestic violence happens, there is no single with them in it. it affects everyone who is in the family. Generally, repeat that only the women involved in domestic violence are the one who suffers the most, but if we look at a broader picture of the whole situation, then we can find that children of a broken family have to suffer as much as the receiver of the domestic violence. the kind of mental pain and mental trauma that they have to go through often get had noticed and he had to live with the scars for the rest of their life. Children raised in a family which has been domestic violence on a regular basis, aggravate the and problem it is highly likely that they may help in continuing the circle of domestic violence in the future.
The main problem with the children raised in a problematic family is that they learned to normal life such things which are problematic in themselves. Boys, it is ok to beat a person of the opposite gender, that females are weak and it is ok to control them. Girls on the other hand learn the opposite, they learn to be adjustive towards many kinds of harassment that they have to face on a daily basis and that it is ok to survive in a toxic relationship.
Mental health issues associated with domestic violence are also so grave. In the worse cases, a broken home has raised many psychopaths, narcissists,s and other extreme personalities, which if gone undetected can be harmful to society. The perpetrators of the infamous nirbhya Delhi rape case in 2013 were emboldened in their efforts because they were a product of domestic violence. Other mental health issues include lack of emotional outflow, being anxious/ fearful, not being able to make healthy relationships, etc.
It is high time now that the stigma attached to mental health issues be removed, and these things should be made normal. The victims must be given acceptance in society. With proper counseling, they can be healed too.