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Should women stay at home? I think it’s totally invalid question women should do what she wants to do but there are still some people in our society who control women like puppets they have very wrong mindset that God has created women to only do the household chores and do what their superior members say. Women should stop this patriarchal thinking and start doing what she wants to do even if it is not acceptable. Women are also equal to men she has the liberty to make her own decision. Women who go to work are more independent and vocal, in today’s world women should have to be independent. But slowly steadily women are coming forward and doing the jobs they want to do. And why every time women are asked to give up their career for children and handle families, men are also equally responsible for handling children showing up when women go somewhere out. Some there also the effects how they portray women in T.V, films, commercials, etc. Women are always judged by society and this creates fear in herself that she is doing something wrong, our society needs men who support females, values her choices, and appreciate her decision.
Some women have the threat of going because of rape issues and sexual harassment because every day every other day we listen to the news of rapes and murder. Also having a safe environment for women is very much necessary. Most of the women don’t speak up on what she wants issue is rising also because of the age barrier some women think that they are aging they will not get the job and people will not hire so she stays at the home. If women will pursue what she wants to then it will inspire the other coming generation.