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Ok let me guess…what If we tell our boys to stay home and preserve it ? everyone will elaborate their duties after home, how they are not compatible with it, how it can lead to depression etc. But what about a female? Doesn’t she want to roam free? Doesn’t she want to be settle with her own priorities? Doesn’t she have a family to feed? Can’t she live on her own choice and dreams?
Now if it arises like who is going to be at home? For children? For family? I guess it’s a duty shared by whole family that we understand each other, make up for another’s reason, be happy with every one’s happiness.
Oh, pardon me, maybe that’s why we teach our girls to be at home, preserve our home and every household essential works which are deserved to be taught not in the basis of gender discrimination, but as we know in many houses it’s ok for a wife to cook and be a housewife but not for husband. If she is choosing her family then we should also help her to live on her own wish and love, not being pressurized.
For a human being it’s a right to feel freedom. I wonder when we can think our girls a human being too.