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If it’s a debate about necessity of gender justice and gender equality, I’ll really prefer to say that debating among them is meaningless. As women don’t possess any of these. A common response to the efforts of gender equality specialists to bring attention
to gender perspectives in different areas/issues is that the more important work on policy
development and planning must be taken care of first, before attention can be given to
issues of gender equality and gender justice.
But of course as I am taking part, I personally choose gender justice.
Why? – it’s because they both are so much connected and contradicting. However I think gender justice is the first step towards gender equality. Though only one of them is never enough.
As you can say, if we consider our men society, not everyone is muscular, not everyone is sufficient to do every kind of work, so we just consider it as a type of mere human being but in case of women, we want everyone to be with same virtues, same choice, same preference which are being pressurized on us and that’s where comes gender inequality.
we don’t expect a human being to be perfect from all direction, then why we must continue to consider women just as same as men? Here comes gender justice.
If a woman want to roam free or want to just be in her so called safe zone… Why to decide what she must do between any of them ?
Now what should we choose, if you ask, every word has both positive and negative parts. Until now, we just use negative side of the concept gender justice to suppress our women, but if we start to look at it with another angle, I guess it’ll be a lot easier and satisfying result which can be a primary base on which we can establish our theor of gender equality and a higher slope of graph of women empowerment.