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Gayatri Somvanshi
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One of the most popular questions from the decade from when women started to work especially when women started to work in the corporate sector is should a womans stay home especially after childbirth to look after the chiThere have been countless views on it and most people were inclined to let women stay as the child needs his mother to look after him .Keeping aside the factor of breastfeeding the child in his developing phase ,woman is expected to do household chores too. Even if she is working she should learn to manage both or just stay home. Now there are also neutral views on this as according to many people it should be a mutual decision of the couple to decide this but one thing for sure is that the child’s responsibility irrespective of financial concerns or emotional concerns is of both the parents.
Not always a woman should be obligated to sacrifice her career. If we look for the solutions , there are ample solutions for this which includes hiring a caretaker, managing your shifts though it might be hard but still a basic solution.
Though if there are grandparents in your home this becomes a lot easier than to hand your child to a nanny or daycare.
If we dive deeper into the opinions you will always find two types of views from women on this question and surprisingly both are valid .
When this question was asked there were some women who preferred to be at home as they have worked for many years and just want to spend quality time with their children. They wanted to form a strong bond with their children and watch them grow and enjoy every moment with them.
The next reason why mommies choose to stay at home is to make sure they develop good habits within the child as there have been incidents where by chance the caretaker chosen by us may lead to some wrong mannerisms in the child because every parent wants their child to become a better person.
Next reason is trust issues with caretakers because there have been cases where a caretaker has abused the child or even to the point of kidnapping. There is also the fear emerging as what if a child gets emotionally detached from the mother.
Some women who have careers in things like content creation or the jobs which can be done from home prefer and think it’s convenient for them to earn as well as to look after the child.
Now let’s come to the other side of the story as there are an equal number of women who feel that a woman should not be made mandatory to sacrifice her career to look after a child which is absolutely valid as a woman has fair share of hardwork in her career and no one has the right to stop her from doing it. As a child is the fruit of both men and women, men too need to understand their duties and responsibilities towards their children. Practically speaking in today’s world both husband and wife need to earn to give their child a financially stable family and proper facilities as in today’s world quality and standard of living is improving day by day. Not only that but the way women are performing remarkably in every field is really impressive and why not just let them grow. But there are some orthodox and egoistic families who still think that a woman is obligated to keep aside her choice and look after kids. Though mother plays the most important role in a child’s life, she still has her own happiness and we shouldn’t forget the struggles like morning sickness, back pain and the deathly labour pain she has to endure during pregnancy and childbirth.So why should she not chase her dream and wet herself as role model for her child?
In conclusion we can say that staying at home has both positive and negative but if we think rationally there are solutions and the easy part is acceptance .