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As we see in our day to day life Comprising our dreams has become our daily life task so due to it many people /childrens are doing it in silence by hook or by kook because every family has its own reason to make our children like doctor, scientist, teacher but this is happen in the middle class family because there parents will never think that there children can make there career in dancing, singing or acting as a passion because according to there thinking it is very vulgar thing to them so children do complete there dreams but in silence. In these field mostly childrens are interested but due to restrictions and don’t get support from family so it became difficult to achieve there goals. It becomes very hard to kill there dreams because of few reason and not even share with anyone. There are also children like they never gossip or never have a conversation with the normal people because they know there own path indirectly they are also achieving their dream in silence this silence thing make them passionate about the dream that in results what would be the reality. Sometimes there is no option left to compromise there dreams because of society thinking but it has to chance to support such people to help them to fulfill there dreams. After gaining the position they will be proud to them but this is about the normal life of the people. Middle class, low class, high class they can achieve something in there life struggling with many obstacles but do you ever think what about the Transgender how would they kill there dreams and work for there life and achieve the things in silence. Hence reality is very hard to accept by the work so people kill there dream in silence just because what people think!!