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Child marriage mostly happen in villages because people of villages don’t belief that women should get educated and become independent. They wait how fast their child grow and get them married because of that child gets suffered from many things at very small age. At that age they not even get prepared to take there own decisions and they don’t have that much of maturity about certain things after Marriage. Child marriage should strictly restricted and has to take strictly actions against if somewhere it happening. Because it is not at all good that at the age of playing and having fun with friends, making there dreams come true working hard for there career life experiences at that age marriage is happening it is very wrong. People of village has to understand that child marriage is very wrong and they reunion there own children life. In that also dowry happens in child marriage. Today even Child marriage is very wrong but then also no one highlight that topic or keep in news to get people know that child marriage is happening and that should be get support of society to finish this and no child marriage should happen in villages also small children goes through many problems even violence also then also their child suffer from that because they had taught from very small that they has to sacrifice. They has to listen whatever he says because they don’t have enough maturity that they has to take there own decisions and stand for themselves. Because of such people child marriage is increasing and poverty takes place. People should understand that marriage is huge responsibility. In mostly cases in villages we see that if they get married they ruse to education. And mainly that little children are not aware about there rights. There should be end of child marriage.